"…ingenious mix of precision and natural rubati. A fascinating debut CD from a marvelous musician"
Carsten Dürer, Piano News

New review for Paris recital published in the important French magazine, 'La Lettre du Musicien'

“…The Sonata in G major by Schubert (D.894) reaps all the benefits. The musician draws unexpected colors from the keyboards, fearlessly allows silence to breathe, and is animated by a living pulse…She has a wide repertoire of motifs, and casts different lights as she brings them to us. The changing narrative, climate and psychology are incrementally encapsulated by the modulations of the text itself, via harmony instead of by resorting to artifice.” by Frédéric Gaussin 
(for the complete translation, go to 'press')

Concerts in St. Louis (USA) March 4-10

with the Arianna String Quartet performing Schumann's Piano Quintet, solo recitals at St. Martins Episcopal Church and at Jazz at the Bistro-Jazz St. Louis,  and giving a masterclass to students of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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