"…ingenious mix of precision and natural rubati. A fascinating debut CD from a marvelous musician"
Carsten Dürer, Piano News

New review from recital at Oakmont Concert Series, Santa Rosa, California

New review of solo recital at Oakmont, Santa Rosa, by Terry McNeill: 
"The pianist underscored the stylistic diversity and innovation of the opening moderato [Haydn sonata no. 44] and paid careful attention to harmonic nuances, of which there are many in this work [...].
Four of Beethoven’s early and seldom-played Op. 33 Bagatelles opened the recital, and each was a gem. Mr. Yarden’s tempos were ideal, as was careful half-pedaling and in No. 2 spotlighting Beethoven’s sly humor. In the will-of-the-wisp No. 7 she played scales and quick repeated notes impeccably."

"Oscillations" CD receives a fantastic review, and Haydn CD chosen by critic Christoph Vratz as one of his Top 5 CD's for 2016

In Fono Forum Magazine's last edition, critique Christoph Vratz selects Haydn CD as one of his "Best 5 CD's for 2016" in the magazine's January 'Kritiker-Umfrage'

"Oscillations" CD is selected as CD-of-the-Day and receives a praising review by Jean-Charles Hoffelé:

Two New Praising Reviews, on Audiophile Audition and French Magazine ARTAMAG'

From the review published on Audiophile Audition:
"A dazzling tour of lesser known, middle-period sonatas...outstanding disc...Ms. Yarden navigates between the fluid improvisatory passages and the famous “witty discourse” of the many clever subjects and their modulations. The latter is communicated most ably with the keenest attention to rhythmic finesse and ornamentation... the playing is stupendous"
by Fritz Balwit 

And new review on Artalinna French magazine, by esteemed Paris
critic Jean-Charles Hoffelé who ends his review with the sentence  "this impeccable album is one of the most beautiful Haydn records I have ever heard. Run there"

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